Commercial solar

Power quality & injection testing

The Winki team has years of experience with injection testing and commissioning large commercial solar installations and solar farms.

Winki: Your Partner for Safe and Compliant Commercial Solar Systems

Your commercial solar plays a critical role in your business's sustainability and financial goals. To ensure these systems operate optimally and meet safety regulations, injection testing is a vital step.

Injection tresting is mandatory for systems larger than 30kVA

It is mandatory that all new solar installations above 30kVA have secondary protection devices installed. Popular devices are the Mainspro or Intelipro offerings. Electricity Distributors (DNSPs) require that these relays are tested for a range of electrical parameters to ensure the generation is compliant with their network.

Winki's trained and qualified technicians can assist with not only injection testing, but the whole solar system commissioning process on site. We will liaise with the DNSP to ensure compliance and approval for the solar system to become live and connected to the grid.

What is injection testing for solar systems?

Think of it as a proactive safety check. During injection testing, we simulate potential grid anomalies, like voltage and frequency fluctuations, by injecting specific electrical signals. This evaluates the response of your system's protective relays, guaranteeing they effectively isolate your solar system from the grid in case of real-world faults.

Why is injection testing crucial for your business?

Without proper injection testing, your solar system could face several risks:

  • Non-compliance: Failure to meet grid connection regulations could lead to system shutdown, impacting your investment.
  • Equipment damage: Malfunctioning protective relays during faults could damage your own equipment or even the broader grid infrastructure.
  • Disruptions: In the worst-case scenario, the grid operator might be forced to disconnect your system, causing operational and financial losses.

Benefits of professional injection testing

  • Ensuring compliance: Ensures your system adheres to all necessary regulations.
  • Enhanced safety: Safeguards your equipment and the wider electrical network.
  • Optimum performance: Minimises downtime and ensures smooth operation, maximizing your energy production and financial returns.

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Scott injection testing a new commercial solar installation. From his laptop, he is running the unit which has about 10 wires going into a control box.

Why choose Winki for your injection testing needs?

Winki offers comprehensive injection testing services for commercial solar systems, providing you with complete peace of mind:

  • Experienced professionals: Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced technicians equipped with advanced testing equipment.
  • Pre- and post-testing: We conduct thorough pre- and post-installation power quality testing for optimal performance throughout your system's lifespan.
  • Seamless project management: We handle every aspect of the process, from initial consultation and testing to system handover, ensuring a stress-free experience.
  • Dedication to quality: Our team combines in-depth technical expertise with a commitment to delivering the highest quality service.

Invest in the future with Winki's reliable injection testing services. By ensuring your commercial solar system operates safely and efficiently, you can maximize your return on investment and contribute to a sustainable future.

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